For over ten years I was the Art Director at Barcelona Metropolitan magazine where I specialised in visual identity, editorial and advertising design. From creating clean, well-organised brochures with personalised photographs to helping you prepare materials for guests at a social event, I am here for you. To learn more you can email if you’d like to start a project, schedule a free consultation over coffee or just say hello.

I am able to adapt to the needs of any project and accompany my clients through each step. I believe that design is a fundamental tool to be incorporated into the strategy of every company. Invest in your vision and watch the growth and success of your products and services.

Consistency creates trust!

I offer a personal and thoughtful brand development experience for your business, whether you’re a new startup or an existing company looking to place yourself among your competitors. We will work together to define your goal and give you the confidence going forward with a visual identity and marketing material that represents who you are.

The easiest way to create consistency is a consistent brand experience from start to finish. My attention to detail will help you to create a consistent brand across all platforms. With my knowledge of colour, my passion for typography and creative flair, I can create an identity that engages your customers and wins you more business.